Club of Certified Telegraphists (CCT)
Club of Certified Telegraphists


Club of Certified Telegraphists (CCT) The new Czech regulations (effective May 1., 2005) eliminated the need of Morse code proficiency exam for the Amateur Radio Service below 30 MHz. Nobody must now undergo time-consuming code training requring huge amount of effort and diligence. Not all were happy to succesfuly pass the code exam. Many hams became skilled during their Army Service but there is no such opportunity anymore. Thus, a successive disappearance of Morse telegraphy and probably the whole ham radio is predicted and our beloved hobby would be replaced with other (mostly computer and inetrnet related) activities where a long, painful training is a mandatory. This is the main reason of a club gathering hams who was able and willing to go this painful way - to pass the code exam and get a proof of Morse skills. Since May 1., 2005, all licensed hams have the same license class regardless of the fact that they will hardly pass the code exam of lowest level, never listened to the code etc. Don't feel ashamed of your Morse skill and knowledge even if such keen hams are the minority forever! Expected activities: an award for CW QSO with particular number of CCT members, organizing of a CW contest where CCT members will count as multipliers, popularization of CW mode.



Rules of the

Club of Certified Telegraphists (CCT):

  1. CCT is a club of hams who passed the Morse code exam at the board of authorities of their country. Only individuals are eligible for the membership.
  2. The membership is voluntary.
  3. A membership in other clubs and organizations is not obligatory nor disadvantageous in spite of CCT membership.
  4. A member agrees with the publication of his callsign in the membership list.
  5. A member can leave the Club without indication of any reason.
  6. There is no membership fee. Members have to pay postal charges only (if required) in IRC or SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope).
  7. The club does not provide any members related information except of members' callsign list.
  8. The membership will be terminated if the proof of passing the code exam is considered as untrue. This fact will be published.
  9. A member can use the club emblem with his/her membership number.
  10. CCT is not responsible for any activity of their members and does not collect any information of such activity.


The proof of passing the code exam must be attached to any membership application. A copy of the amateur license clearly indicating that the licence holder succesfuly passed the Morse code exam is sufficient. If the fact of passing the code exam is determined by the license class there must be attached a copy of the license rules, where is clearly defined that the holder of a particular license class must pass the code exam. The date of birth or personal ID can be make unreadable if written on the license. Applicants using snail mail must attach the return postage in the form of SASE or IRC.

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